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Things You Should Know Regarding Moving the Piano

You should know that moving can be very stressful for the life of the person, particularly if one hasn’t hired the right help in moving the furniture. Piano moves can be very stressful because the mover must have a great deal of knowledge and skills to be able to move the piano safely.

A lot of individuals would think why they are going to hire a reliable piano mover to get the job rather than use a household mover who would move the rest of the contents of the house. The primary reason for such is that getting a professional piano moving company is that the household movers don’t have the right training or the equipment in order to move the piano in the right manner.

Know that an average upright piano has a weight of 400 to 900 pounds. The grand pianos would weigh between 650 and 1300 pounds. Moreover, the value of the piano may range from a few hundred dollars to $500,000 that will depend on the make, model and the age as well as the condition of the piano. Various piano moves would include moving the instrument using a small space like the small door frame or perhaps staircase. In some situations, the piano may have to be dismantled to get this out of the house. Through the use of a professional piano mover, then such can reduce the risk of damage to the instrument and your home too.
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When you are going to hire a professional piano mover, you can have 2 to 3 people to come to your house bringing piano skids, ramps, moving pads and the knowledge on how to move the piano safely. They will use those special techniques for moving or maneuvering the piano out of your home. The piano will be safely secured on the truck on transport to avoid damage. When the move is difficult, then the company will send four to six people.
Case Study: My Experience With Instruments

When the piano would be moved by someone rather than a professional piano mover, the knowledge, equipment and safety precautions are not used. The risk of moving and destroying the piano can be reduced when you have a professional piano mover. The good piano mover will also evaluate the situation and also tell you if there is damage before one starts the move and such will also give you the option to proceed or not.

You should know that not all professional piano movers are actually the same. Every piano moving company is really going to vary when it comes to their level of quality as well as experience.