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Express Fashion Sense Through Biker Jewelry

If you are looking for a new sense of fashion, particularly when it comes to accessories and jewelry, biker jewelry would be the best option that you can choose. These adornments are the ones that you should be looking for if you want to create a confident, tough, rough and macho image or if you simply want to look like a rock celebrity.

Biker jewelry creation uses a different concept compared to our every day regular jewelry products. Most of these jewelry pieces are made from metallic substances such as silver and are created to provide a heavy and thick look. Animal skin like alligator and snake skin are also used in the creation of these biker jewelry products. These jewelry sets and pieces also comes in different motifs, unlike the regular jewelry products out there. These jewelry pieces comes in a wide range of designs such as scorpions, vampires, snakes, eagles, dogs, lion heads, dragons, anchors, fists, claws, chains, sword, daggers, skulls. Although to others these designs may seem extraordinary, the truth is that these designs are done intentionally to give biker jewelry pieces a more appealing and authentic look. Below are just a few of the jewelry ideas you can use when using biker jewelry for a more appealing look.

Rock Star Necklace Concepts

It is integral part for you to consider what type of necklace you are going to wear or add to the existing necklace that you have. The style and the design use in necklaces that are made of leather, stainless steel, gold and sterling silver come in different forms. Some of the themes or styles that you can find in different necklaces are daggers, motorcycle chains, skulls, oval links, anchor links and more. There is no harm in using one hence be bold and show them what you got.

Bracelet Motifs Biker Jewelry

Bear in mind that there are some many types of bracelets that you can choose from. It is also possible for you to use bike chain bracelets that comes in different styles, for instance you can use etched curb bracelets or skull bracelets. There are other alternatives that you can use like leather if you are not comfortable using those made of sterling silver or stainless steel. There are also different designs for leather bracelets.

Biker Jewelry Pendants

The skull pendant is one of the most sought after pendant design in the world of biker jewelry. You have two choices when it comes to pendants, one is stainless steel and the other is silver. There are a lot of designs crafted for these biker pendants that you will feel overwhelmed when choosing one. Combination of different skull pendant designs such as pirate skulls and winged skulls are also available.