The Beginner’s Guide to Clothing

Elements of Goth Culture

Goth culture has its origin from ancient Europe. It was developed by people who desired to be free from the social norms dictated by society. They considered themselves rebels. The culture has since spread to other parts of the world and is an indication of people considered unacceptable by some societies. Some associate it with pirates. The culture is also put in use during Halloween. The gothic culture is still being embraced by people in various countries. There has however been a decline in its popularity with time. There are certain characteristics used to identify the goth culture.

Black clothes are mostly put on by people who embrace the goth culture. The top and bottom of these clothes is normally laced. The clothes are normally free and most times oversized. Complex designs are also used to make those wearing them stand out. This has made it possible for people embracing this culture to get attention in their various social places. The black can at times be complemented by other colors. red and yellow are some of the colors which can be included to make the look complete. This is majorly as a result of trying to keep up with changing trends. The colors are also mixed y the designers so that other people are attracted to the clothes.

Dark make up is associated with the goth culture. Dark lipstick or eyeliner is worn. Females and males who embrace the goth culture can have this. The makeup is also highlighted. Tattoos can also be added to make their looks complete. Dark nail polish is also used on the nails. Their nails are most of the times maintained long. Black dye is also used on their hair. Identifying those from the goth culture thus becomes easy.It is therefore easy to identify people embracing the goth culture. People can also differentiate gothic people from those just putting on black makeup.

Specific types of jewelry I also worn by gothic people. Oxidized silver is used in making their jewelry to complement their dark look. The jewelry also hangs loosely. The jewelry is also made up of long chains. There are those who prefer not to have jewelry. They also apply white powder on their faces. They also wear gloves that are dark in color. Gothic clothing is normally suitable for different weather conditions. This enables them to easily adjust to different places.

For a long time, people have embraced the goth culture. There are communities that associate it with mourning. People embrace this form of culture when attending funerals. Most times, it is complemented by other types of fashion. Many changes have occurred to the goth culture as a result of interaction with various cultures and time lapse. This has led to loss of uniqueness and originality. Some people have however remained true to it. Many people can easily embrace the goth culture. Their fashion statement is simply dark.