Women’s Titanium Rings : The Choice for Allergy-free, Durable Beauty

One of the recent popular trends in wedding band designs has been choosing titanium as the metal. This is not the perfect ring for every woman but there are some very good reasons people are selecting this option. It is important to carefully decide what is most appealing personally since wedding bangs are meant to be worn for life. Here are the reasons why some people have decided titanium is the best match for them.

Titanium is safe for nearly all sensitive skin types.

There are no metals that are 100 percent hypo-allergenic for everyone but titanium is very close. Even gold is potentially a trigger for some wearers because it is mixed with other metals to make it harder. Titanium has proven to be safe for people with gold and silver allergies if pure titanium is chosen and not titanium carbide.

Titanium is amazingly durable.

One of the biggest benefits of womens titanium rings is their durability. It is three times stronger than steel and will not scratch or dent. It stays lustrous even after years of wear, unlike silver or gold that occasionally requires professional polishing to bring back its shine.

It can closely resemble white gold.

Some people prefer the look of white gold but cannot wear it because of an allergy. Titanium is a suitable substitute. It has the same look as white gold but is often cheaper and not as delicate as other affordable options like silver.

There is a lot of variety to choose from.

Titanium bands come in many colors including yellow, blue and black. Some even have pink tones in the bands. The color in the ring is caused by oxidation through heating and not by the addition of other metals. Gemstones can be set into the rings and the bands can be smooth or patterned.

There are many reasons to choose a titanium wedding band. Shoppers should not choose a ring if they plan to lose weight. Titanium rings cannot always be re-sized. In some instances, it may be possible, but there is always the risk of the ring shattering. Another concern is gaining weight. If the ring becomes stuck it may require expert help to have it removed. This will usually destroy the ring beyond repair.