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    How I shop For Women’s Clothing

    How I shop For Women’s Clothing

    One thing I don’t like to do is go shopping for clothes. For that reason, the clothes I do purchase must have certain qualities because I need them to last for as long as possible. I look for women’s clothing that are comfortable, durable and beautiful. Tend to shop when I’m putting too much wear on an item, or when I’m heading to an event. I especially buy clothes when I’m going on vacation. My goal is to start purchasing on an as-needed basis, so I can save the bulk of my money to do other things.


    Comfortable Clothing

    I don’t wear anything that squeezes me too tight. Especially my midsection. I need to breathe. I’m not the smallest woman either, so I need to wear clothing that accentuates curves. I like thin material around the house. If I go out I may wear a nice skirt or dress, but no matter how dressy it is, it must give me some form of comfort. Maybe the material is soft, or it’s a flexible material that goes with my body. I am always out to feel like I’m wearing something I don’t have to take off immediately for discomfort.

    Durable Clothing

    Except for my work clothes because of the constant wear, I tend to be gentle on most of my items. When I was growing up I had clothes from 6th grade that lasted me well into college. That’s probably also because my mom bought them from an adult store, but the material was just as new as it was when she first got it for me. The only thing that stopped me from wearing that stuff is I finally outgrew them after college. My jeans, on the other hand, I can wear those forever. I know the brand in everything probably makes a difference in the durability of the material, so I try to purchase a nice enough piece of clothing that I can expect to last over time.

    Beautiful Clothing

    I like to look nice. Even if something is comfortable, if I don’t feel good about it then I won’t make the purchase. I don’t intentionally follow trends, I just go with what looks good on me. This is something that has worked for me because I am able to catch sales and all types of clothing discounts by just shopping for what looks nice and not what’s popular. I tend to check the store catalog to see what deals I can find. The catalog I’m looking at now is for Soft Surroundings.


    Purchasing clothes can be stressful if you let it. That’s why I try to keep my shopping to a minimum. I look for deals and coupons and I try to see what I can find that appeals to me. Always touch the material and even try it on to see what type of experience I’m getting from wearing it. I search for pieces that are comfortable, durable and beautiful. Sometimes, I’m so drawn that I don’t care if it’s not on sale.…