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Can One Be Addicted to Sugar? Here Is What You Should Know

Though sugar is widely used out there, hardly do people know that it is also addictive. Despite this everyone out there know sugar is exceptionally sweet and it is a great source of joy for everyone. It is out of this that nature is said to be very rewarding to anyone appreciative to it because it will always say thank you in return to anyone who does it good. This also explains why you will find several natural things such as sunlight and natural love always very pleasurable. The natural body biology hasn’t fully adapted with the way the current food is made because it is made such that one can consume as much as possible. It is unlike the traditional days where it was rare for meats and carbohydrates to be available. It was also cumbersome to find starchy tubers, as well as grains and fruits, were not that sweet. This explains why whenever you taste something, you experience dopamine surge effect. Today, there are countless reasons that cause sugar addiction because sugary foods are readily available and this means one keep on triggering dopamine unknowingly as many time as possible.

It is also good to know the reason behind the addictiveness of sugar. To start with, when one’s mind is much of the time surged with dopamine, the neurons that receive dopamine will in generally become resistant with time. This means for one to achieve the required stimulation, he will need a greater deal of stimulation which means more consumption of sugar. Failure to stimulate dopamine, you will end up being moody, become very irritable because the brain will now have started feeling the effect of withdrawal of dopamine. Besides this, withdrawal can cause cravings and can binge in order to get that awesome feeling though for a short time.

The bad news however to sugar consumers is, they are equals of cocaine users as well because they lead to cravings and have the same withdrawal symptoms and effects. If you look at it with that sharp eye, it is even said that sugar addiction can be worse than that of cocaine. By being sugar tolerant, it means for one to sustain the pleasure that he or she achieves from consuming sugar, one will need to keep on increasing the amount taken; on the withdrawal, though not the same as cocaine, sugar withdrawal leads to low dopamine symptoms, moodiness, lack of focus, irritability and ADHD symptoms. Besides this, sugar addiction can harm mental health and also makes the brain vulnerable to various addictions.

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